Protect your traffic without losing speed

We provide fast connectivity and crystal encryption to help you feel comfortable and secure online.

Our Core Features

Price is the lowest

You will surely notice that we offer the most affordable rates.

We have servers in 3 regions

Servers in different countries will allow you to change your IP more often and increase your security.

Working speed

Surf web at the same speed as before. You won’t notice the difference at all.


Your traffic will be fully encrypted from the ISP. So no one has the ability to obtain your data (all online activity, passwords and bank card data will be in secret).

Convenient design

We purposely made the design as simple and pleasant as possible, because we value the time and convenience of our users.

Watch Review

For some reason often other VPN apps are far from being as convenient as JaxVPN. I just want to click one button when I use such apps.

Lily King

Lily King

I live in a country where freedom of speech and information exchange is not so good. Fortunately, with Jax I can access all kinds of sites and be anonymous.

Borislav Satsuk

Borislav Satsuk

Everything here is really simple and convenient. The app is quite good at its function.

Jack Aldridge

Jack Aldridge